Our Story


Market requirements for IT knowledge and skills are constantly growing, as well as their diversity. The IT industry in Serbia is growing rapidly, but it is limited to the number of qualified citizens who can keep up with this trend. Individuals who did not get a formal education in this field often do not have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, or their financial barrier to further education is too high.

To bridge this gap and help Serbia’s economic acceleration, a group of diaspora donors decided to open an IT school in cooperation with the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. The goal of the school is to provide free knowledge to people that are reskilling to the growing IT industry. The courses are focused on practical work in order to apply the latest work trends and increase chances for employment. Lectures related to the development of corporate manners are also incorporated into the curriculum. This is important for individual success, raising productivity and opportunities for advancement. The next step is for the participants to contribute to the process with their motivation, work, and pertinacity. 

Serbia can have the best IT sector in the region if we work together on that goal.


The school is managed by a Board in charge of implementing the business plan, based on donations from the diaspora. $350 provides a full course to one student. We are hoping that you will join our cause and help us keep the school running at scale.
Donations page: www.ibootcamp.rs/donacije/

Our Goals

  • Providing free access to basic IT knowledge to students of other disciplines, high school graduates, and the unemployed.
  • Spreading inspiration for working in the IT industry for the part of the population that cannot afford additional education.
  • Placement of most students who complete the course on internships and jobs in the IT industry.

School Board

  • Ana Koeshall (Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac)
  • Vladimir Delić
  • Vuk Radović
  • Petar Marković
  • Nemanja Petrović
  • Milena Đorđević (School Manager)


In 2018, free and non-profit, school IT Bootcamp started working in the Science Technology Park in Belgrade, which supported us in terms of infrastructure. STP provided training space along with accompanying inventory. In this way, students of the IT Bootcamp attended classes in the most modern environment and the epicenter of young Belgrade IT companies. For more information, visit the website: www.ntpark.rs/en/

During 2019 and 2020, classrooms were located in the premises of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade www.mas.bg.ac.rs, the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade www.matf.bg.ac.rs, Think Innovative in Niš and Belgrade www.thinkinnovative.rs.


In 2020, due to the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and education both, in the world and our country, the school adapted teachings to new challenges and designed live online lectures.

Currently, classes are live online, and during classes, students need to participate with sound and cameras on. We hope that returning to classrooms will be feasible in the future.